Amateur Radio

You don't need the world's best equipment to have a fantastic time with amateur radio. I have a modest radios and antennas -- and I will probably never have a superstation with the latest transceivers, amplifiers and stacked yagi arrays. Still, my station works as well as possible given my location and my limited budget for this hobbies. Anyone can build a very satisfactory amateur radio station with some ingenuity and careful selection of gear.
My main radio is now a Icom IC7300 and my secondary is the Icom IC7000 at my QTH in Owen Sound Ontario, My 80, 40, 20 meter wire antenna is off the tower. My secondary location is at my trailer in Red Bay Ontario, I use my Kenwood TS440S and a monoband 80 meter wired dipole.
My Weather Station National Geographic 265NC totally wireless and solar-powered

The Windows 10 weather station is located at my home in Owen Sound Ontario, been broadcasting on the Internet since 10 August 2009, The Weather Station on the Raspberry Pi3 has been on the air only since November 2020.
My Data is also published on Weather Underground
If the pictures is dark, It's nighttime
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